Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The English Civil War - A National Obsession

What is it with the current resurgence in the popularity of stories set around the time of the English Civil War?

The synopsis for The Last Witch was written two years ago, back in the summer of 2011. Then in February of this year, Gideon's Angel, by Clifford Beal, was published by Solaris Books. And now, in the summer of 2013 we have Ben Wheatley's A Field in England to look forward to.

I know that the English Civil War has held a fascination for all manner of people for a very long time (classmates and teachers of mine were members of the Sealed Knot more than twenty years ago when I was still at school) but I like to think the recent resurgence might have something to do with things like this...

A Field In England - Coming Soon!

It looks like this might be good inspirational stuff for The Last Witch...